ClassView has been designed with schools, especially for schools

Primary and secondary schools have unique teaching requirements. ClassView has been designed to meet the needs of these settings.

It feels like a real classroom

ClassView replicates the classroom experience, right down to the very finest detail.

It makes no difference if your class is remote or physically present, the experience is the same. With our Classroom Dual Solution, you can share one teacher across two classrooms without your remote class feeling short-changed. Your pupils will have exactly the same experience as the on-site class. Whether you want to call on pupils at the back of the room, or scribble an explanation on a white board, it's a natural experience for everyone. Our Learning Space Solutions ensure everyone gets the same real-time interaction.

It’s the premium quality technology that brings our remote classrooms to life. It’s four times better quality than Zoom, Teams and other platforms. That’s crucially important for natural, human communication across video streaming. You really could be in the same room.

It lets you teach in your usual way

There’s no need to learn new ways of teaching with ClassView. You won’t need to change your pedagogy to adapt to the remote classrooms.

With our Teaching Space Solutions, teachers can deliver lessons in their usual manner, giving all their attention to the teaching rather than the technology. Don’t like touch screens? If you want to use a whiteboard, it couldn’t be easier. Just turn the visualiser on and the system will automatically zoom into your close-up work, sharing it with pupils both on-site and remotely. You can even use a blackboard and chalk if you prefer.

It’s all about letting the technology work for you, rather than having to adapt around it.

It just works

With ClassView, you can literally just walk into the classroom and start teaching. Remotely. There’s no equipment to connect, no logins to remember, no dashboards to navigate. The technology is built into the classroom, as an integral part of the fibre of the building.

When you're using our Teaching Space Solutions to deliver the lesson, it's a seamless process. Our optical cameras work on face recognition, so they’ll follow the teacher as they move around the classroom. You don’t need to stay put in one spot or stare into a lens. You won’t have to raise your voice to be heard. You won’t struggle to hear your remote pupils either. The audio system picks up sound from the full length of the room, so you’ll easily hear pupils in the back rows. You’ll see them clearly too, thanks to the high-resolution video.

It's the same natural experience for your pupils. Our Learning Space Solutions work so smoothly you could all be in the same space, whatever the physical distance. The technology is so good, you don’t even have to think about it. It just works. Every time.

Try ClassView today

ClassView is safe, secure and pre-approved by most LEAs.
Try it today for free with the reassurance that even the trial will meet all your safeguarding requirements.

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It schedules
and records

The behind-the-scenes management couldn’t be easier. You can schedule an unlimited number of lessons months in advance, setting up your entire timetable for the year ahead if required. The system will automatically call-out to the room systems invited to your class. And it will automatically end the call when the lesson finishes.

ClassView records every session in high-quality video, ready to be played back whenever required. Pupils are able to learn offline as well as in real-time.

As such, teaching methods such as blended learning and the flipped classroom approach are effortlessly supported.

It's completely

Because ClassView has been developed for the education sector, the security policies are extremely rigorous. The system set-up meets and exceeds all school safeguarding requirements, from high-security passwords to admin audited settings.

The system strictly adheres to all guidelines regarding personal information and GDPR. There is no risk of inadvertently sharing contact details or personal data. It provides secure access to school data systems that can’t be breached.

In short, it’s a system you can rely on.

It's an all-in-one

Whether you want to hold virtual lessons across multiple sites, have a private chat with a colleague or schedule a parent’s evening, ClassView does it all. There’s no need to bring in additional software at a later date.

This is a system that will readily expand with your requirements. You’ll find we offer equipment bundles to suit every need. From small classroom hubs and teaching pods to larger set-ups with classes of 30 or more pupils, ClassView  has a range of high-tech solutions.

We take support very seriously too. Our live support service will troubleshoot issues on the spot, getting you up and running without delay.

Light touch technology that's easy to install

The ClassView platform will work on your current systems, without a glitch. Your IT department won’t have to upgrade software or hardware, and it will run smoothly across most browsers. We also offer over-the-air updates, eliminating downtime or service callouts.

As it has been developed for the education sector, the system is fully compliant with all school systems. It is also hosted on the UK Janet network.

ClassView Subscription Levels

Explore our pricing packages, designed specifically for schools

Free Trial School Business Team Enterprise Campus Enterprise SuperOrg
Price Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
User and Administrator Licences 5 x Host 5 x Host and 1 x Administrator 25 x Host and 3 x Administrator Unlimited Hosts and Administrators
Max Participants per Video Session 10 30 100 Unlimited
Mobile And Desktop Apps Included Included Included Included
Global/Private Chat Included Included Included Included
Whiteboard Included Included Included Included
HQ Content Sharing Included Included Included Included
Class Recording Media Library Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Polls/Surveys Included Included Included Included
Class Moderation Control Included Included Included Included
Remote Camera Control (Classroom) Included Included Included
Scheduling Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Personal Rooms (Hubs) 5 per host 5 per host 5 per host Unlmited
One 2 One Desktop Calls Included Included Included Included
Telephone Audio Dial In Included Included Included
HD Recording Included Included Included
Streaming Feature (webcasting) Included Included Included
Guest H.323/SIP Connections Included Included Unlimited
Microsoft Sign-On (SSO) Included Included Included
LDAP Integration Included Included Included
Global User Management Included Included Included
ClassView Dashboard Included Included Included
Live Operator Support Included Included Included
Unlimited Child Organisations Included
Customisation Options – Institution Branding Included