Connecting Immersive Classrooms

ClassView connects immersive classrooms together to enable truly collaborative learning to enrich curriculum, enabling your learners to access key skills regardless of location.

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Immersive and Connected Spaces




We deliver the only immersive space solutions built specifically for education. These spaces are connected over a high speed video network, allowing organisations to share teaching resource and collaborate to enable access to a wider skills-based curriculum. 

Combined with our unique class scheduling tools and comprehensive suite of collaboration tools, we connect classrooms to a world of possibilities. 




ClassView has been designed specifically for the unique learning requirements of Further and Higher Education settings. ClassView automates the entire immersive classroom experience with our unique scheduling platform, that connects classrooms together automatically for every class session.

It requires little to no intervention by the teacher or lecturer, so teachers can focus on the curriculum rather than the technology.


Who we help


Training & Development

Tailored specifically for the education sector, ClassView goes above and beyond to also cater to Corporate Training, CPD, L&D. With ClassView, you can seamlessly conduct in-person training sessions while effortlessly connecting with remote online participants.

What we do

Further and higher education

Many further and higher education organisations are discovering what ClassView can do for them. It extends the reach of lecturers across colleges and campuses, ClassView delivers immersive learning, giving every student access to live education.

What we do

What is ClassView?

It’s the backbone of the immersive classroom. It powers the broadcast-quality video and audio over our unique high-speed network. It provides an automated class scheduling system, a class recording and media hosting service and a space management tool.

ClassView gives you all the tools you need to deliver a truly immersive and inspiring classroom environment. You can connect your learning space to any other learning space on your campus or with another ClassView partner at another college, university or industry. ClassView allows you to look beyond walls to enhance curriculum and widen subject choice.

What is an Immersive Classroom?

There are a lot of ‘Immersive Rooms’ out there, but ours is the only solution that focuses on connecting these spaces together to enrich the entire learning experience.

If you want to deliver rich simulation environments or virtual reality content into your space and want to join up with another classroom for connected learning or shared teaching, then our immersive classroom is what you need.

The ClassView Immersive Classroom ensures consistency in the experience for all learners regardless of location. Everyone is connected over our unique ultra-high-definition video and audio network. This ensures the highest level of engagement and participation is achieved across all learners.

Who is it for?

ClassView has been specifically designed for teaching and learning. Created with further and higher education and corporate training in mind, the platform provides specific features and capabilities to improve classroom communication and encourage engagement.

We work with hundreds of institutions across the UK to help them deliver a wider range of subjects and to enrich curriculum for their students. Our immersive classroom systems are proven solutions that have seen significant successes over the past 5 years.

Our ClassView Community is growing quickly. Make sure you are a part of this revolution.

Is there live support?

Yes. In fact, the ClassView support service is one of our strongest selling points. We won’t leave you to struggle with unfamiliar technology or leave your problems unresolved. 

Our experienced team will be able to assist, whatever your level of expertise. We’ll troubleshoot your issues and make sure you’re up and running as soon as possible. Case in point: if you’re on a live call, we aim to solve any problems within 10 minutes. 


Key Benefits

Overcome teacher and lecturer shortages
Ensure consistency of teaching between locations
Widen curriculum for all learners regardless of location
Enable equitable access to rich experience-centred learning.

Our Pricing

Classview desktop

How much does it cost?

The ClassView platform license comes with an annual price tag, encompassing a comprehensive array of features tailored to your chosen ClassView Pricing. 

The upfront costs of our Immersive Spaces range are determined by the size of the space and its specific function, providing you with a variety of options to suit your needs.

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Key Statistics


Supporting 25,000 lessons per year


4K immersive real-time video


99.3% user satisfaction


Immersive Classrooms connected

10 min

10 minute support response SLA


100% service uptime over 365 days

What our clients say

"The immersive rooms have opened up significant opportunities for us and our partners on the ClassView network. It really is a game changer"

Mid Kent College

"Eastleigh College have installed three new immersive classrooms on campus to enrich the learning experience by exposing learners to technologies aligned to their future career aspirations."

Eastleigh College

"Midkent College as well as all the other colleges across the entire Kent region have deployed a range of immersive XR collaboration spaces to take us to the next level of digital teaching and learning, opening up significant opportunities for us and our partners on the ClassView network."

Mid Kent College

"This ambitious project will give students exceptional opportunities and will also offer businesses unique opportunities in training and collaboration."

West Suffolk College

"This is an incredibly exciting time for us as educators."

Dr Nikos Savvas, chief executive of Eastern Colleges Group

"This is a game changer for us. USP College are already a user of immersive technologies. But the ULTRA room takes our learning experience to the next level."

XTEND Digital Campus at USP College

"Phase one of the building works will see the facility incorporate remote access into each of the rooms, including a fully immersive lecture theatre with wall-to-wall screens, immersive sound, video and motion capture studios. This will elevate the current remote teaching methods in place, allowing students to become fully immersed with their colleagues and teachers while remaining close to home."

West Suffolk College