With ClassView, every student can have access to live immersive education

ClassView has been designed specifically for the unique learning requirements of Further and Higher Education settings.

It feels like you’re in the same room

Whether it’s a small seminar room or a full-size lecture theatre, our Immersive Space solutions will bring the learning experience to life for remote students.

The secret? It’s down to the quality immersive technology. Four times better than Zoom, Teams and other platforms, the video streaming is immediate and immersive. It allows both students and lecturers to participate in natural, real-time interaction. They can see, hear and talk to each other as usual – as though they’re in the same room.

The result? By emulating the on-site setting, all your students have the same experience whether they are physically present or 30 miles away on another campus. 

It’s walk-in-and-teach technology

ClassView is the backbone of the immersive classroom. It powers the ultra high-quality video and audio over a high-speed network. It provides an automated class scheduling system, a class recording platform and a physical space management tool.

ClassView gives you all the tools you need to deliver a truly immersive and inclusive session. You can connect your immersive classroom space to any other learning space on your campus or with another ClassView partner at another college, university or industry. ClassView allows you to look beyond walls to enhance curriculum and widen subject choice.

Connected Vocational Training

Our Immersive Classroom spaces are ideal for supporting vocational and collaborative training models. Designed for Immersive VR & XR experiences, these spaces provide a unique way of learning through practical experiences that combine information intake with hands-on application. This innovative approach creates a more engaging and unforgettable learning experience, proven to enhance memory retention and skill development. Additionally, our spaces can simulate training environments, offering a safe and controlled setting to teach valuable real-world skills.


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Delivers synchronous and asynchronous learning
ClassView offers easy scheduling of synchronous learning sessions, automating call-outs to your Immersive Classrooms. ClassView supports a blended learning model, providing flawless high quality recordings for sharing at any time, allowing students to benefit from real-time teaching and learn offline at their convenience. Need integration with your VLE speak to our team.


Fully Managed & Supported Service


The ClassView platform and our portfolio of immersive spaces are a fully-managed turnkey service. Our team will work with you in the choice of suitable spaces and will fully manage the design, project management, installation and comprehensive training programmes to ensure your users are confident and fully prepared to use hybrid and immersive technologies to truly enhance your organisations learning delivery.

Meets all security requirements


ClassView meets stringent cyber and information security policies, providing secure access to college data systems. It adheres to all regulations regarding personal information and GDPR, eliminating the risk of sharing contact details or personal data. Whether students are connecting from campus or home, ClassView is a reliable system.


Light touch technology that's easy to adopt.

You’ll find ClassView is a very cost-effective solution that supports you as you adopt and scale the service across your organisation. Our immersive space solutions are designed to be as future proof as possible ensuring your using the latest and greatest technology during the lifetime of your project.

Our Immersive space solutions suit every need. From custom environments, small learning hubs up to larger set-ups for lecture theatres.

Our team of space specialists will work closely with you on the preparation of each immersive space to ensure the design, delivery and application is directly in line with required use of the space with the most effective pedagogical approaches in multi-location, digital delivery.

Our comprehensive training and support team ensures your practitioners excel in immersive delivery to produce the best learner outcomes. 

Immersive and Connected Spaces

Our range of Immersive Classroom solutions to suit every need, from the small teaching area to multiple large learning spaces.
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iTransform Training & Development Programme

Whatever the size and scale of your project, we understand that training is essential for success. 
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