iTransform Development Training Programs 

Ideal for:

Competency based progression model
Fully embed your Immersive Classroom estate into your curriculum
Learning to create immersive and transformative learning experiences
Leverage the full potential of your Immersive Classroom estate

iTransform Training Program 

Take your curriculum to the next level with our fully managed service, project management training, and seamless deployment.

In collaboration with USP College, this 3-tier Development Programme has been designed in-house by our immersive experts. The programme, delivered over 3 days, provides the necessary learning to transform its participants into confident immersive practitioners with each acquiring a skill set to fully utilise the dynamic teaching and learning capabilities. The programme involves a competency based progression model integrated into the framework.

Our Project team are made up of educational specialists who understand the needs of deploying new technologies and solutions across your organisation. We will work with you to design a training program around your specific needs and deployment plans. 


Our goal is to ensure all sides of your organisation from stakeholders, teaching delivery, operations and IT are aligned with your deployment plan and have all the skills they need to take the technology forward.

No matter the magnitude and scope of your project, we recognise the crucial role that training plays in achieving success. With this understanding, we proudly provide a diverse array of training packages that are meticulously customised to meet your individual requirements.

Our packages support your adoption and growth plans with levels starting at the fundamentals working up to Practitioner. The programme has the ability to flex to suit your organisational requirements


iTransform Development Programme

Teaching using your Immersive Classrooms requires more than just subject matter expertise; it demands a specialised skill set to effectively leverage the full potential of these innovative tools. Our training programmes harness the power of immersive technology to revolutionise teaching and learning, and ensure that real-time examples and case scenarios form the basis of best practice.

Through our iTransform training and development programme, educators will learn how to create immersive and transformative learning experiences that captivate, enhance retention, and foster real world application of knowledge and skills. As the integration of immersive technologies in education continues to grow, investing in developing the right skill set for educators becomes increasingly essential for ensuring the success of these innovative teaching methods.

The iTransform 3-tier development programme is designed and delivered by in-house experts In collaboration with USP College, to aid innovative pedagogy through immersive technologies. The program aims to transform delegates into confident expert practitioners each acquiring a skill set to fully utilise the dynamic teaching and learning capabilities, several of which are transferable digital skills. The programme involves a competency-based progression model integrated into the framework. Learn more about the modules below.


3-tier Development Programme Packages


iTransform Bronze & Silver

iTransform Bronze equips participants with essential skills to work independently in the immersive rooms and deliver engaging, content.

iTransform Silver expands the toolkit in the immersive room, taking a deep-dive into an array of professional applications and best practice for maximum engagement and impact.


iTransform Gold

iTransform Gold stretches and challenges, exploring professional tools and techniques, including AR and VR technology, providing an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the immersive rooms and how to move forward the future of innovative delivery of AR and VR. Topics use can be customised to suit your organisation.