Delivering an immersive learning experience

There are a lot of ‘Immersive Rooms’ out there, but ours is the only solution that focuses on connecting these spaces together to enrich the entire learning experience. If you want to deliver rich simulation environments or virtual reality content into your space and want to join up with another classroom for connected learning or shared teaching, then our immersive space is what you need.

The ClassView Immersive Classroom ensures consistency in the experience for all learners regardless of location. Everyone is connected over our unique ultra-high-definition video and audio network. This ensures the highest level of engagement and participation is achieved across all learners.

It’s designed in a way where very little intervention is required by the teacher as everything is automated, so you don’t have to change the way the lesson is delivered. You can just focus on the curriculum rather than the technology

Immersive Ultra

Supporting immersive collaborative learning, XR and VR delivery models

Immersive XR

Ultra wide curved infinity wall, supporting collaborative, immersive learning, VR & XR delivery models.

Immersive Classroom

Immersive classrooms designed for connected, collaborative learning.