ClassView allows you to extend your reach

ClassView has been designed specifically for the unique learning requirements of education and training delivery.

It feels like a real training space

ClassView replicates the training space experience, right down to the very finest detail.

It makes no difference if your attendees are remote or physically present, the experience is the same. With our Immersive Classroom  Solution, you can share one trainer across two classrooms without your remote group feeling short-changed. Everyone will have exactly the same experience. Our Immersive Space Solutions ensure everyone gets the same real-time interaction.

It’s the premium quality technology that brings our remote classrooms to life. It’s four times better quality than Zoom, Teams and other platforms. That’s crucially important for natural, human communication across video streaming. You really could be in the same room.

Walk in and train technology

Experience seamless training with ClassView. No need to learn new methods or change your teaching style to adapt to the Immersive Classrooms. Our Immersive Space solutions allow trainers to deliver sessions effortlessly, focusing solely on teaching instead of technology. Sessions are automated and scheduled in advance using ClassView, providing a hassle-free experience. Sessions can be recorded and viewed offline.  

Supports VR and XR Technologies

We specialise in providing immersive training spaces that extensively leverage the power of VR and XR technologies across diverse industries such as construction, logistics, transportation, and healthcare.

ClassView seamlessly connects our immersive spaces to support collaborative learning.  Whether it's work based or vocational skills training, our Immersive Space solutions ensures the delivery of captivating immersive training experiences. Elevate outcomes and foster engagement through seamless real-time collaboration.

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Session Automation

ClassView automates the entire immersive classroom experience with our unique scheduling platform that connects classrooms together automatically for every class session. It requires little to no intervention by the trainer. Adoption is quick and simple, so trainers can focus on the training side rather than the technology.

Expand Course offering

Expand your course offerings and maximise cost efficiency by delivering courses to smaller, more targeted groups. With our Immersive Classroom solutions, you can ensure consistency in training across all your locations. Now, regardless of where your learners are, they can access immersive experience-led training.


Overcome Resource Challenges

Overcoming resource challenges is no longer a hurdle as we connect spaces within your organisation, enabling seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing. With our innovative solutions, we empower your team to transcend limitations and achieve new heights of productivity. 

Light touch technology that's easy to install

The ClassView platform will work on your current systems, without a glitch. Your IT department won’t have to upgrade software or hardware, and it will run smoothly across most browsers. We also offer over-the-air updates, eliminating downtime or service callouts.

We provide full support, project management, space design. We will work with your team to deliver a fully managed service. Our I-Transform training and adoption service will ensure your technology is fully embedded across your organisation.