Who we are

ClassView is one of the key solutions provided by I-Immersive, a company specialising in the design and delivery of class-leading, innovative immersive learning spaces for the education, corporate training and public sector. 

At I-Immersive, we work closely with our clients to create simple, cost-effective Hybrid learning models. Our aim? To change the way that education is delivered. Our reach? We’re based in the UK, but we operate globally. 


Classview was developed by I-Immersive specifically for the education & training markets to service a need to improve the Hybrid learning ecosystem. Although the concept of Hybrid and Hyflex has been around for a while, the technology has been immature and not fit for purpose. With ClassView, the technology has finally caught up to the needs of the environment.  

I-Immersive provide innovative collaboration solutions to many of the leading Further & Higher education institutions as well as many schools across the UK. With offices throughout England & Scotland, we can service our clients whatever their location.  

Experts in our field

As Hybrid learning solution experts, we work with you to deliver a hybrid model according to curriculum and pedagogy the enhances rather than hinders, the learning process.  

Our highly skilled team will work with both your technical team and your teaching & learning professionals to seamlessly build an ecosystem suited to your organisation.  

Key Statistics


Supporting 2000+ classroom lessons every day


4K immersive real-time video


99.3% user satisfaction


8 security and quality accreditations

10 min

10 minute support response SLA


100% service uptime over 365 days

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