Ideal for:

Dual-purpose spaces – for both teaching and learning
Teachers delivering remote teaching
Learners receiving remote teaching
Large learning spaces of 30-60m2

How it works

A dual-purpose setup delivering both remote teaching and learning 

Classroom Dual is ideal for larger classrooms or lecture theatres where you want to offer both remote teaching and learning provision.

There’s no complicated re-set or calibration required. It’s just one simple button to switch between teach mode and learn mode. Screens at either end of the classroom give you maximum flexibility to work in any mode. And the dual audio system will pick up voices from every corner of the room.

As with the Teaching Pod, teachers can deliver lessons in their usual style. Tracking cameras, working on face recognition, will follow you as you move around the room. 

Like to use a whiteboard, or even blackboard and chalk? The system easily accommodates this. It will automatically zoom into your close-up work and share it with learners. 

On top of this, the ClassView system can record every session in high-quality video. Learners can play this back, whenever they want to review a lesson at their own pace. 

This flexible solution is designed to support both teaching and learning in the most natural, immersive manner. It’s as close to the natural human experience as technology will deliver.

What's included?

  • Ultra high definition video streaming
  • High definition content sharing
  • HD PTZ teacher tracking and framing camera
  • 10x optical zoom (class view)
  • Wide audio pickup
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