Ideal for:

Teachers delivering remote teaching to one or more classrooms
Teachers delivering remote teaching to multiple desktop users
Teaching delivery for up to 120 learners, all at the same time
Fully customisable setup, dependent on size of teaching space and number of learners

Welcome to the Teaching Wall

With life-size images on screen, you can interact and
engage with your remote learners without the usual barriers of

In an ideal world, we would have all students together in the same classroom. But, sadly, we don’t live in the ideal world. So, the Teaching Wall has been developed to give you the next best thing. Rather than relying on a small screen in the corner of the room, the bank of screens provides a natural extension of the learning space.

It supports the whole class experience, via the Teaching Wall, your remote students can raise a hand as easily as the students who are physically present. And teachers can quickly identify those essential non-verbal cues of students who need some extra help. Spot them scratching their heads, looking confused, or getting distracted, and step in before they fall behind.

In essence, the Teaching Wall helps to humanise the remote learning experience. It allows both teachers and students to interact in a completely natural manner, with all the nonverbal cues and nuances of everyday behaviour.

The Teaching Wall uses the ClassView video platform to recreate the natural learning experience. Created specifically for the education sector, a ClassView video session supports live communication and engagement in real-time.
The good news is that the Teaching Wall isn’t cost prohibitive. With a price point set well below that of our competitors, we aim to reduce entry barriers and open up live education to more students.

What's included?

  • Ultra high definition (4K) video streaming
  • Full HD content sharing
  • 4K Displays & Wall Mounting System
  • HD. PTZ teacher tracking and framing camera
  • Wide audio pickup (Nureva Mist technology)
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Options for participant viewing

Customise your Teaching Wall based on your space and needs. Just select the number of screens you require; you can view 15 participants per screen. 

Teaching Wall Mini: Four screens
(60 learners)
Teaching Wall: Eight Screens
(120 learners)
Teaching Wall + : Sixteen Screens
(240 learners)